Yin Yoga with Angee

This class includes 2 breath practices to harmonize your energy and activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Preparing your body-mind for relaxation and inviting your inner body wisdom to illuminate the places in the body where vitality can heal, balance and be resourced.

Pranayama: Nadi Shodana (alternate Nostril) to balance the feminine and masculine energy channels, the Ida and Pingala. Followed by a pranayama practice to promote relaxation. Inhaling through the puckered lips like a whistle, without the whistle sound. And exhale through the nose slow and steady.

Eyes looking down at the nose.

Activating the optic nerve and the Pineal gland.
The puckering of the lips activates the Vegas Nerve, the longest cranial nerve. It has parasympathetic fibers. It has two branches: the superior branch innervates the skin the concha of the ear. And the inferior branch has two branches that go through the Upper throat, Thorax and voice box. The second inferior branch has cardiac, esophageal and pulmonary branch. Lastly the Vegas nerve innervates the abdomen and our digestive track.

Being able to direct our focus inward during times of stress and uncertainty allows of the resource the subtle field of awareness within ourselves. This space invites our intuition and sense of steadiness to guide us.we are then able to serve and support our families and communities through a grounded and peaceful state of mind and body.

Listen and practice: “Turtle and the Broken Truth” by Douglas Wood and Illustrations by Jon Muth.

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