Yin Yoga

Yin is a very unique form of yoga asana practice that is commonly thought of as “newer”, when in fact many of the postures are as ancient as any other style.  Yin is a great compliment to all our other styles, as well as other vigorous exercises and sports (i.e. body-building, running, soccer, crossfit). Yin yoga is performed in a warm to cool environment between 70 – 85 F.  All postures are seated or on the floor and held for long durations, about 3 – 7 minutes depending on the pose. This is in order to access deeper connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and fascia which can attribute to about 40% of our overall flexibility.  It is also a very calming and soothing practice done either silent or with music. Great for stress reduction, peace of mind and tranquility after a long day, therapeutic to joints and internal organs.

Bridging a scientific background with meditation, depth psychology, sound healing, breath and bodywork, Ron Wyn (RYT, M.A.) has spent the last thirty years developing a unique career as a writer, facilitator, and counselor. The powerful body/mind techniques compiled, adapted, and thoroughly tested along the way comprise Ron’s intimate mantra project, which aims at providing fellow humans with the means for

I began teaching Bikram Yoga in 2002 and other styles of yoga since 2004. I became interested in health and healing while experiencing serious health issues my late teen’s and traditional medicine could not offer solutions. I began studying alternative healing practices and philosophies. Along that journey, I became a Certified Reiki Master, Kinesiologist, Iridologist, Spiritual Response Therapist, Rebirthing Facilitator,

Seth,  originally from Seattle,  Washington, has been teaching yoga for five years, and practicing for 16 years.  He has studied yin yoga with Bernie Clark and Sarah Powers, Ghosh lineage with Esak Garcia, Vipassana meditation with senior teacher  S.N Goenka, and iRest, yoga nidra with Richard Miller. Seth was first introduced into yoga when he was 14 years of age