Our mission is to bring our students into positive relationships with their bodies and with each other through the shared practice of yoga. We offer many styles of yoga classes for seekers of a healthy lifestyle & a place to belong.

New to yoga? We’ve got you!  All of our Hot Series classes are designed for beginners. Come prepared to sweat! Looking for something a little less intense? Try our yin yoga classes, which are also good for beginners, but are more restful and not heated.

New Students Try $40 for 2 weeks

Our bright and lovely studio is located in downtown Beaverton, at the intersection of Cedar Hills Blvd. and Hall Blvd, 2 blocks from Beaverton Central MAX stop. We have a spacious and inviting practice area as well as dressing rooms and showers. Our skilled teachers will guide you to explore your fullest potential, creating better health in your body and mind.

Photo credit: Becky Washington | Tahoma Wind Photography